All Saints. For All Families.

Preparing your child for success - inside & outside of the classroom.

Why All Saints:

All Saints Catholic School is more than just a school, we are a community. A community of families, students, teachers, parents, pastors and administrators all working together to educate the whole child. Our focus is not just on academics, but on preparing our students socially, academically and spiritually to meet the challenges of the world. To create leaders who are looking into the future. Leaders that will be of service to others and who will stand up for what they believe in. Our job is to teach our students that God loves them and that God created them to do good in the world – to make a difference.

Of course we teach the Catholic faith, that’s who we are and what grounds us, but our educational programs are for anyone who wants to come and get a exceptional education with a strong moral foundation beneath it.  The academic foundation provided at All Saints prepares students for high school honors courses.  We expect greatness and we foster an environment that empowers our students to reach their fullest potential.