All Saints is a close-knit community of educators, students, parents and alumni dedicated to a Christ-centered environment in which academic excellence, spiritual growth and moral development are priorities. An educational ministry of St. Peter, Fatima and St. Ann parishes for more than 40 years, All Saints educates our students to be faith-filled Catholics, life long learners and responsible community members.


Our School

  • All Saints Catholic School is located on Spokane’s South Hill
  • We serve grades Pre-k through 8th grade
  • We offer two separate age-appropriate campuses
  • The Primary Building serving grades K-4 is located at 3510 E. 18th Ave.
  • The Middle Building serving grades 5-8 is located at 1428 E. 33rd Ave.
  • The Pre-School is located at 1428 E. 33rd Ave.
  • We offer half-day and full-day Kindergarten at our Primary Building
  • Fully licensed child care, Extended Care, is available before and after school at the Primary Building


Our Community

  • We are the largest Catholic Elementary School in the Spokane Diocese
  • Approximately 480 children are enrolled at All Saints
  • There are two classrooms per grade level
  • Our families reach across social, racial and economic boundaries
  • 48% of our students rely upon our Fair Share program for tuition assistance
  • No child has ever been turned away for inability to pay tuition
  • We welcome children and families of all faiths


Our Students

  • Our Athletics programs offered grades 3-8 are tremendously popular with students and include football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, cross-country and cheerleading. Every child who signs up, plays.
  • We encourage student participation in programs intended to balance their academic achievements with social, leadership and creative skills.  Our students participate in a wide variety of service projects, clubs and extracurricular activities that span from Math is Cool, to student government, yearbook, book club and band.