All In for All Saints

After years of deferred maintenance, All Saints has launched our first-ever capital campaign to raise $1.2 million to renovate our school buildings.  This will let our children thrive in an environment fit for enrichment of their faith-filled learning.  These are not cosmetic changes; nor are they “perks” on a wish list. They are structural improvements that are needed for the safety and security of our entire All Saints family.

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Key Projects:

  • New Roof & Windows – Middle Building
  • Renovated Bathrooms & Classrooms
  • Security Systems
  • Gym Renovation
  • Sidewalk & Street Repair
  • Playground Improvements


A Message from Our Principal:

All Saints School is an amazing place! I see it in the commitment of our students engaged in learning. I see it in teachers devoted to a vocation they love. I see it in our parish pastors as they guide our students to live as Christ did. I see it in parents who give their time and talents to support our many school programs. We are a blessed community of people holding common beliefs and values, passing on our Catholic faith and traditions to our children.

These are just a few ways we show that we are All In for All Saints.

But there are very real needs that can’t be ignored. We need to provide an environment that is safe, comfortable and conducive to learning, and that’s why we are launching our first Capital Campaign – All In for All Saints – to help us address the immediate needs.

Simply put, we need to renovate our school buildings after many years of deferred maintenance.  This situation is recognized by our faculty and staff as well as parents and most importantly our two pastors, Father Mee at St. Peter Parish and Father Mejia at Our Lady of Fatima Parish. There isa  very strong level of support and enthusiasm from the team that have helped with the planning of this major effort. We all want our children and grandchildren to experience the benefits of these improvements to their learning environment.  So, we hope that you will join us in this exciting venture to improve our school.  We invite your pledge and your prayers as we begin this journey together. Thank you for supporting our parish school.

Many Blessings,

Kathy Hicks, Principal