Students seeking an academic challenge in preparation for high school will find it at All Saints.  Our curriculum includes more than the basics.  We offer art, drama, music and physical education in addition to a demanding core set of classes and a wide variety of extra curricular sports and clubs.

Junior high school is a time of testing limits and developing a moral conscience, so academics is only part of what your student will learn at All Saints.   Serving others through our nationally recognized community service program, taking part in Mass, and learning what it means to be Catholic all take place in a structured and traditional environment.

High school is one year away. By the end of this year, we strive to teach the skills and lessons our students need to prepare for the tough entrance exam at Gonzaga Prep or honors classes at public high schools.  Eighth graders become the leaders at our school and take charge of numerous school-wide community service projects and events.

  • Pre-algebra or Algebra.
  • In-depth study of each human body system with an emphasis on their interdependency. Students study the effects of drugs and alcohol on the human body, as well as families and society.
  • Emphasis on developing a lifestyle and spirituality that emulates Jesus.
  • Track their writing progress in folders called portfolios.
  • An I-Search research project.
  • Developing their own website.
  • Mentoring through the Sparks! Program.

Classroom Community Service Projects

  • Sorting food at the Spokane Food Bank.
  • Creating of Books-on-Tape for patients at the pediatric oncology unit at SHMC.
  • Making rosaries for the Prison Ministry.
  • Working at the Women and Children’s Free Lunch.
  • Helping at Summit View Apartments.

Signature Event

  • Science Fair.
  • Best of Five.
  • I-Search.
  • Parts of Speech Video.
  • Eighth Grade Musical

Eighth Grade Teachers