In fifth grade, All Saints students enter our middle building.  Here, the emphasis is on developing strong study skills and responsibility.  Students are assigned a homeroom and rotate for various classes such as science and social studies.   In addition to strengthening their academic skills, there is also a focus on strengthening their relationship with God.


  • Matter, earth, plants and space.
  • Scientific Method/Science Fair
  • Comprehensive vocabulary, inference and prediction.
  • Exposure to many forms of literature including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.
  • Parts of the Mass, sacraments, learning new prayers and the study of the scriptures.
  • Fractions, Decimals.
  • Mobile computer lab.
  • Mentored by older students through the Sparks! Program.  Click here to read one student’s thoughts on the program.

“I learned a lot about service through my education at All Saints School.  I have volunteered at Summit View Apartments and I’m part of the Sparks! Mentoring program.  This program helps the fifth graders at our school get used to their first year at the middle building.  I have been part of this program for two years and I have learned a lot through the experience.  My mentees have taught me a lot about helping others through the topics we discuss like attitude and bullying. The program and my Catholic education have taught me to be a light to the world.”

Katlynn – an eighth grade student at All Saints

Classroom Community Service Projects

  • MDA Candy Sales.
  • Community garden.
  • Mother’s Day cards.

Signature Events

  • Rocket Launch.
  • Science Fair.

Fifth Grade Teachers