Parents will begin to notice their first graders reading, creating stories, adding, subtracting and developing problem-solving skills.  They are learning that they are unique and special.  They also learn that God, our loving Father, gives us many gifts – the most important gift being Jesus. Prayer is an important aspect of life and each day begins and ends with a prayer.

  • Community building programs such as Steps to Respect teach anger management and conflict resolution in a kid-friendly fashion.
  • Memorize basic Catholic prayers.
  • Select strategy for math problem solving.
  • Apply phonics skills to decode unknown words.
  • Read with fluency and expression.
  • Celebrate and learn about Catholic holidays and saints
  • Form letters correctly and write legibly.

Classroom Community Service Projects

  • MDA Candy Sales.
  • Decorating bags for Catholic Charities.
  • St. Peter’s Baby Shower.

Signature Events

  • Epiphany Play.
  • All Saints’ Day.
  • Butterfly Party.