All Saints is a ministry of St. Peter, St. Ann and Our Lady of Fatima parishes. As the members of these three parishes built their churches, they also built a Catholic school for their children to attend. In 1972, the three schools were combined into one — All Saints. We serve the members of these three parishes, along with others who accept our mission and philosophy.

All Saints Students

All Saints Catholic School is a parochial school, not a private one. We exist to provide instruction in the traditions and values of the Catholic faith. Each student begins and ends their day with prayer. Each course is taught against the background of our faith and the truth it professes.

All Saints Teachers

Jesus was a teacher and is a model for all of us who have chosen to work in a Catholic School.  Each day, our teachers help open our students’ minds and hearts to the gospel.  They help our students make a choice to live wisely in the world, serve others in our community and choose to live, every day, as Jesus did.

  • All of the classroom teachers at All Saints are practicing Catholics.
  • All of them hold Level 1 or 2 Catechetical Certification by the Diocese.
  • Teachers attend three spiritual retreats throughout the year to grow in their own faith life.