Dear Students, Families, Alumni, Friends, Neighbors, and Guests of All Saints Catholic School,

Welcome to All Saints Catholic School! Thank you for your interest and support.  As principal, I am fortunate to be able to share my story and the impact this incredible school has had on my own life. As a graduate of All Saints, I know firsthand the values, faith, academic excellence, and belief in service that was instilled in my time as a student. I also had the blessing of attending All Saints while long time principal, Kathy Hicks, was here. In her 27 years at All Saints, she worked hard to ensure that our foundation in Catholic faith, academic excellence, and belief in the success of all children remained the forefront of our school community.  As a teacher and Assistant Principal, I had the great privilege to learn professionally under the exemplary leadership of Kathy Hicks and more recently Dr. Lori Johnson.

I also have had the blessing of being a parent in the All Saints community. My own two children have attended school here since preschool. Witnessing their development and growth not only in academics and faith, but also in their confidence, perseverance, and understanding of who they are in both a local and global context reaffirms my passion to the Catholic education All Saints provides. Being a parent is a blessing, but of course challenging as well.  I am certainly far from “mom of the year”, but with the support from such caring and committed teachers, staff, pastors, and fellow families, my children and I are empowered to learn and grow together in community.

I’ve had the privilege of being a Catholic school teacher across the grade levels in Seattle before returning to Spokane and serving as a fifthgrade teacher at All Saints.  While God has called me to teach, He has also called me to school administration.  Now serving as Principal, I continue to hear and answer God’s call to serve the All Saints community.

In a world of social media, now more than ever, it is critical we prepare young people to be critical thinkers, to gather and interpret information, ask questions, and cross-check sources.  It is critical for a school to have a dedicated and caring staff who is committed to high-quality education while integrating faith and real life experiences.  Children deserve the right to a safe and welcoming environment where respect for self and others are focused upon daily. Children deserve ultimate happiness, not found in self or material things, but in service to others.  This is what an All Saints student experiences daily at All Saints Catholic School.

Through my journey at All Saints, I have witnessed students engage in a variety of programs that challenge them intellectually, socially/emotionally, spiritually, and physically. All Saints students are well prepared for high school and beyond.  An All Saints graduate embodies the values of being a faith-filled Catholic, lifelong learner, and responsible community member.  We are extremely proud of our students and alumni.  Their success stories continually renew our faith in our mission and purpose.

At All Saints we understand it takes a village to raise and nurture our children. The partnership between faculty, staff, parents, families, alumni and community members creates a welcoming, intimate, and supportive environment for everyone who walks through our doors. I invite you to come visit our wonderful school on the south hill of Spokane.  We look forward to meeting you, connecting with you, and celebrating Catholic education.

With gratitude,

Jen Lewis