All Saints Catholic School is governed by a Board of Governors consisting of the pastors of St. Peter, Our Lady of Fatima, and St. Ann’s parishes along with the school principal. The role of the Board in service to the school is to provide governance at the local level, determine policies of the school, and support the administration and faculty, who are immediately responsible for the daily life of the school.

The school principal does not make decisions on his/her own.  The pastors of St. Peter, Our Lady of Fatima and the Principal make the final decision in consultation with the vice-principal and at least one (1) council member (Advisory or Finance Council)

The Board of Governors consults a School Advisory Council consisting of All Saints parents, parishioners of our parishes, principal, vice principal and development director.  Advisory Council members are selected by the principal and pastors from nominations by current council members. We try to make sure the Advisory Council is balanced with representation from our parents, parishioners, alumni and different areas of expertise.  Advisory Council members meet monthly throughout the school year on the last Thursday of the month.  Members are appointed to a three (3) year term with the possibility of one (1) re-appointment.

The Finance Council consists of the pastors of St. Peter and Our Lady of Fatima and the school principal as well as three (3) members of our school community who are skilled in business with expertise in finance and/or accounting.  The Finance Council oversees the financial affairs of the school and advises the Board of Governors in matters pertaining to income, expenses, overall operating budgets and the general financial responsibility of the school.

2022-2023 All Saints’ Advisory Council

  • Trish Anderson – Current Parent
  • Alicia Barbieri – Current Parent
  • Mark Case – Current Parent
  • Arsen Kitch – Current Parent
  • Kurt Paras – Current Parent
  • Tom Michaud – Current Parent
  • Jenn Cerecedes – Current Parent
  • Shelby Culp – Current Parent
  • George Gichuki – Current Parent

All Saints’ Finance Council

  • Chris Codd – Current Parent
  • Ben Folger – Current Parent
  • Jon Lemberg – Current Parent
  • Heather O’Keefe – Alumni Parent