Students seeking an academic challenge in preparation for high school will find it at All Saints.  Our curriculum includes more than the basics.  We offer art, drama, music and physical education in addition to a demanding core set of classes and a wide variety of extra curricular sports and clubs.

Junior high school is a time of testing limits and developing a moral conscience, so academics is only part of what your student will learn at All Saints.   Serving others through our nationally recognized community service program, taking part in Mass, and learning what it means to be Catholic all take place in a structured and traditional environment.

The classics come alive for seventh graders as they read novels, short stories, poetry and essays.  Through in-depth reading of the classics, students begin to analyze literature more deeply and begin making connections between the events in a book and those in their own lives.  These works also serve as inspiration for the students who, in turn, write their own masterpieces and debate ideas.

  • Matter and energy, physics, earth science, living things, and the environment and genetics.
  • Introduction to Pre-algebra or Pre-algebra.
  • Physical and cultural differences of the world.
  • Jesus’ teachings and His Life.
  • Mobile computer lab.
  • American History.
  • Mentoring through the Sparks! Program. Click here to read one student’s thoughts on the program.

Classroom Community Service Projects

  • House of Charity.

Signature Events

  • Wax Museum research project.
  • Cultures of the World.

Seventh Grade Teachers