Springtime Reading at the Primary Building

Springtime Reading at the Primary Building

Tuition Assistance Program

Our Tuition Assistance program allows all families the opportunity to attend our K-8th grade program regardless of their financial situation or parish affiliation.  Discover more about the “All Saints Advantage” that offers a strong academic foundation rooted in our Catholic Faith.  All Saints is an inclusive, diverse community.  52% of our families receive tuition assistance which is supported by our three parishes, grants from The Nazareth Guild in the Spokane Diocese, and annual fund-raising events.  We are committed to working with every parent to find a just and affordable level of payment.

We are “All Saints. For All Families.” And we are proud to say that through this 20+ year program we have yet to turn away any family wanting their child or children to join our community and receive the rich education offered at All Saints.

Families interested in learning more about our Tuition Assistance Program meet with Principal Lori Johnson to review guidelines offering a starting point for discernment.  All interviews and financial information are treated respectfully and confidentially.

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