Dear All Saints Families:

We are proud to be able to provide an All Saints education for all who seek it.  While some families income may be too high to qualify for All Saints to receive money from the Nazareth Guild, they still have a financial need. Starting this year all families requesting tuition assistance in the Catholic Diocese of Spokane are required to complete the new diocese wide FACTS application process. This one process takes care of both All Saints tuition assistance and the Nazareth Guild’s Tuition Assistance Program.

The Nazareth Guild is an organization in Spokane founded to financially support Catholic schools. They offer the Tuition Assistance Program or TAP to families who utilize Fair Share Programs to attend a Catholic school. Because All Saints will be awarded $500 for each child of qualifying families, All Saints requires all families receiving Tuition Assistance to apply for the Nazareth Guild’s Tuition Assistance Program by March 10th. In the past All Saints has been able to recover upwards of $40,000 dollars in tuition assistance from TAP.

Again, completing the FACTS process includes both the Nazareth Guild and the school’s tuition assistance. Applications and the necessary supporting documentation needs to be sent to FACTS by March 16th. Applicants can apply online by clicking the FACTS link Once an online application has been completed, the following information will need to be sent to FACTS to complete the application process:

  • Copies of your 2017 or 2018 Federal tax forms including all supporting tax schedules.
  • Copies of your 2017 or 2018 W-2 forms for both you and your spouse.
  • Copies of supporting documentation for Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers’ Compensation, and TANF.

All supporting documentation can be uploaded in pdf format online. If you need help scanning these documents, Carolyn(n) at either office can help you.

Documentation can also be faxed to 866-315-9264 or mailed to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment P.O. Box 82524 Lincoln, NE 68501-2524. If you have questions or concerns about the application process, please speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 866-441-4637.


Dr. Lori L. Johnson                                    Rev. Miguel Mejia                     Rev. Jeff Lewis


FACTS Information Flyer