Students at All Saints Catholic School are required to wear uniforms and follow a dress code. At All Saints Catholic School, we are committed to having a dress code that is consistent, measurable and therefore enforceable at all grade levels. To see all uniform options available through Dennis Uniforms Click Here


Pants need to be plain black, cotton, twill or cords, straight legs, appropriate length, and appropriately sized. Elastic or non-elastic waists are both appropriate.


Shorts are to be black walking shorts.  The length needs to be no longer than the back-knee crease and no shorter than three inches above the knee. No cargo or carpenter shorts.


Columbia plaid uniform skirts and skorts may be worn at the Primary and Middle Building. Jumpers are worn at the Primary Building only. Jumpers, skirts and skorts may only be purchased from Dennis Uniforms.


Solid white polo shirt, turtleneck, collared shirt or blouse with Peter Pan collar. Royal blue polo shirts with embroidered school logo purchased through Dennis Uniforms.


Black sweaters and sweatshirts must be purchased through Dennis Uniforms.


Shoes are to be closed heel and toe for safety.