Elective classes give students a chance to develop a skill or explore an interest.  They give students an opportunity to choose one class over another. Students in 7th and 8th grade will be able to choose Music, Spanish, or Student Resource.


Music teacher, Mrs. La Varnway, will lead you on a musical journey of self discovery where you learn to connect, respond, create, and perform musically.  You will discover that music is a powerful way to engage your soul and help your mind and body work together.  From popular and contemporary, to folk and classical, a variety of musical genres and selections will be incorporated.  Learning from an individual who perseveres through a disability and overcomes physical limitations, students will learn first hand the power of empathy, kindness, and compassion.  The main goal of this class is to have fun and celebrate the joy of music and personal connections!


Spanish teacher, Mrs. Codd, will teach you the benefits of learning a foreign language.  In Beginning Spanish, students will engage in active and meaningful activities to learn the basics of conversational Spanish.  Students will also have opportunities to learn the history and culture of Spanish speaking countries.  Ultimately, students will enhance their verbal and written abilities, memory, creative thinking, and problem solving skills.  The main goal of this class is to develop skills and appreciation for the Spanish language, while also having fun!

Student Resource:

Student Resource teacher, Mrs. Olney, will support students with their educational goals and needs in the areas of study skills, organization, and time management.  This is an opportunity for students to access individualized support in a supportive environment.  The main goal of this class is to foster learning and enhance academic success.  Being on top of our studies ultimately helps us have fun!


The electives are semester based, so students will have an opportunity to switch their elective in January.  However, there is one exception: a student may elect to switch out of Spanish, but may not elect to switch into Spanish. Finally, students will have Art & Leadership on Mondays and PE on Wednesdays and Fridays.