Curriculum is developed, reviewed and evaluated on a yearly basis. National, State and Diocesan guidelines and benchmarks are incorporated into each curriculum. A five-year cycle determines the curriculum that will be studied each year.
All Students are required to participate in all academic and religious programs (please note Family Life Human Sexuality/Personal Safety option below). All curricular programs will be reviewed at Back to School Night.


The Catholic faith is the major focus of our school ministry. Our program is based on our faith tradition and Gospel values. We believe in the unique giftedness and inherent self-worth of each child created in the image and likeness of God. Religion is taught daily in every classroom as an academic subject, and other religious experiences are planned to promote effective learning. Students participate in Masses, prayer services, assemblies, services projects, and sharing their faith with others in numerous ways. Weekly Masses and prayer services are planned by individual classes, and students participate in liturgical roles. Living the Gospel in today’s world is the focus of our program.


Reading instruction begins with a strong phonetic base and focuses on whole language experience. Specific skill instruction occurs in a logical sequence. Students use both reading texts and trade books, both assigned and self-selected. Comprehension, reading for pleasure and reading in the content area is all vital parts of our reading program. Diagnosis and remediation of reading difficulties is done on an individual basis. Advanced readers also receive appropriate instruction. Beginning in the 4th grade, student reading texts are a year ahead of grade level.

Language Arts

Expectations for students focus on writing and speaking to accurately communicate their ideas and feeling. Standard English grammar and usage are important. Writing of both fiction and expository material is taught, and correct spelling and legible handwriting contribute to these skills. A vocabulary/spelling program is taught in grades 1-8. Use of computer word processors is taught to aid in writing, editing, and revising.


All Saints’ math program is planned using the recommendations of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, with increased emphasis on developing concepts at the concrete level by using manipulatives before advancing to models and abstracting. Problem- solving using real life situations, reading, writing and talking about math, critical thinking, and using technological devices appropriately are key to our program. Students who are ready may take pre-algebra in 7th or 8th grade, and algebra is offered to 8th graders. Students are placed into the pre-algebra program based on their 6th grade math grades, a diagnostic end of the year test, teacher evaluation, and their ability to think abstractly.


The science program, based on national and state standards, has a carefully planned spiral of study to insure topics are introduced and reviewed at various levels. Biological, Physical, Environmental and Earth Science are covered throughout the curriculum. The science curriculum is based on inquiry, learning, and developing the ability to question, observe and research as a scientist. Hands-on experiences, projects, demonstrations and lab projects give students the opportunity to delve into concepts of individual interest and importance.

Social Studies

The social studies program is focused on learning about other cultures and countries and our interrelationships. Social studies concentrate on both historical and current events. Geography helps students visualize the world and the places studied. The value of social justice and community are stressed in our program. Primary grades study the family and the community, while middle grades study geography, United States history and world history.

Physical Education

Physical education is taught at both buildings twice a week. Both buildings are equipped with full-sized gyms. The program focuses on large and small muscle coordination, learning and playing active games and sports, improving endurance and specific motor skills. Cooperation, sportsmanship and techniques are important. Children are also engaged in a variety of field trips to develop life long activities. Nutrition and Drug Awareness are taught during the year in Physical Education.

Family Life (Human Sexuality)

Family Life/Human Sexuality is an important facet of our religion program, as students explore values and make responsible, living choices. The framework of the Catholic values of our church is the foundation of our program. Showing respect and reverence for ourselves, others, and in our relationships with others is an important part of our philosophy. The Family Life/Human Sexuality curriculum is taught throughout the year in Religion class.

Parents may choose to teach Family Life at home. Parents are asked to contact the teacher, review the school curriculum with them to understand how it is used. Parents are asked to put in writing the desire to instruct at home instead of school. Parents are responsible for their child during this instruction time. Teachers will notify parents who have chosen to instruct at home a week before so parents can make necessary arrangements for their child.

Fine Arts

All Saints students are exposed to a variety of fine arts. Students participate in art classes kindergarten through eighth grade. Music classes are offered twice a week. Vocal music is offered kindergarten through eighth grade. Band is an option in grades five through eight. Band and choir students perform at various functions throughout the year, learning both liturgical and secular music. Seventh and eighth graders in the fine arts program participate in visual art classes that include film, drawing, painting, print making, cultural studies, and drama.


Technology is used as a tool to enhance curriculum. Computers are available in every classroom.
Teachers use them in a variety of ways: to enhance concepts and to learn word processing, record keeping, spreadsheets, graphics, how to do research, and use the Internet.

Foreign Language

All Saints School facilitates Spanish classes in an after-school program. Classes are offered to all grade levels. Actual classes occur depending on the demand.

Unique Opportunities

All Saints School offers some unique opportunities for the challenges and changes facing a student today. As the idea of “self” as one independent from family begins to emerge, an important support system is in place at All Saints, fostering this new found spirit, and nurturing the student through the ups and downs of growth. Many of our programs exist to teach the students more about who they are as people, while encouraging them to recognize their moral

Special Features

Special features of our school program that focus on societal and safety issues are our personal safety, A.I.D.S. education, and the self-esteem and drug awareness program, “Here’s Looking at You 2000.” All of our programs are approved by the Diocese and are taught in light of our Catholic faith. Personal Safety focuses on keeping our children safe, learning skills to be assertive and understanding safe and un-safe touch. Physical and sexual abuse are topics included in this program.
Parents may choose to teach Personal Safety at home. Parents are asked to contact the teacher, review the school curriculum with them to understand how it is used. Parents are asked to put in writing the desire to instruct at home instead of school. Parents are responsible for their child during this instruction time. Teachers will notify parents who have chosen to instruct at home a week before so parents can make necessary arrangements for their child. 


In keeping with our philosophy of developing the whole child, students in Kindergarten through eighth grade participate in retreats during the school year. Retreats focus on faith formation, building relationships with God and others and on developing social skills. School retreats reinforce our school philosophy of students working with and respecting others. Depending on the grade level, retreats may be help off campus.

Service Projects

As one of our school goals, students are involved in servicing others by giving of their talents and treasures. Students are involved in both classroom service projects as well as school wide projects. School-wide projects included a penny drive for the Guild School, the 100 Ways/100 Days project with the Catholic Diocese, St. Ann’s Luncheon, our annual food drive, neighborhood clean up, and our Giving Tree.