(June 2020)

Greetings All Saints Family. We will be updating this page as we have more information. If you have specific questions, please email us. Have a blessed and joyful day.

Is there an option for an online program for the entire school year?

While we remain committed to supporting your child’s learning when they are forced to temporarily remain home due to COVID-19 related symptoms and/or potential exposures, please know All Saints does not currently offer a long term remote learning program. We simply do not have the manpower or resources to offer a virtual academy. While teachers are able to stream Math and English classes as a support to students awaiting return to the classroom, we cannot maintain full instruction. The extra demands this puts on teachers is untenable. We appreciate your understanding and respect for our teachers, and if you require long term virtual instruction, we are happy to partner with you to find alternative programs.

Are Chromebooks available for students to use at home?

Yes. Please call the office for more information (509) 624-5712.

Will teachers be expected to teach from their classroom or in a professional setting?

Yes, this will help students feel more engaged in the classroom setting.  Teachers will be able to better utilize technology, teaching materials, and classroom visual aids.  When students see their teachers in a professional environment, it encourages them to take their learning more professionally.

Get familiar with each of the digital tools your child will use while learning from home.

Will students still have class retreats?

Faith and spirituality are important aspects to the educational experience of our students.  With that in mind, we will continue to have retreats for each grade throughout the year.  Our Campus Minister, Jolie Monasterio, will be organizing and facilitating these spiritual experiences beginning in October.  Given the limitations to our “in-person” gatherings, retreats for grades 3-8 will be in small groups for shorter periods of time, but conducted at least twice in the school year.

Will there be regular in-person Mass offerings for remote learners?

We will work with our pastors, their schedules, and safety protocols to make the Holy Mass an in-person option for classes.  More to come.



Counseling and Emotional Support

Please contact Mrs. Lewis to help you connect to the School Counselor.

Technology Support

Please call the office for help (509) 624-5712.

If you are having technology issues, email your teacher immediately.

Spiritual Support

Please feel free to contact our Priests.

Fr. Miguel Mejia (509) 747-7213.

Fr. Luke Tomson (509) 534-2227.

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