The All Saints Catholic School logo represents the foundation of academic excellence rooted in the Catholic Faith, embraced in a network of faith-filled Catholics, life-long learners, and responsible community members.

The wreath encircling the cross symbolizes our inclusive community as well as our school’s prized values: commitment to community, academic excellence, and faith-based learning. Whether it is seen as an olive wreath, symbolic of the victory of the Saints, or a laurel wreath, symbolic of academic mastery — both emblems clearly communicate the All Saints commitment to excellence.

The three circles above the wreath represent the ministry of three parishes: Our Lady of Fatima, St Anne’s Catholic Church, as well as St Peter Catholic Church. They also loosely represent the Holy Trinity, overarching, protecting, and continually guiding us.

The focal point of our logo is Jesus Christ, Savior of the world, represented by the cross. This cross radiates outwardly, symbolizing our commitment to reflect the all-encompassing love and grace of our Lord throughout the community. Each student learns to serve others as Christ modeled servant-hood for all.

The blues are an evolution what was used in our previous logo. The deep navy symbolizes our strong, conservative roots. In contrast to this rich color, we selected a vibrant, brilliant hue. It is designed to convey youthful energy as well as creative optimism. Like a crisp, blue sky, this shade represents the future of All Saints — dynamic, vital, and growing.