The Mathematics Curriculum at All Saints has been developed by the Diocese of Spokane. The curriculum standards are aligned with State and National Standards. It is the expectation of the Diocese that this curriculum be localized by each school.


The study of mathematics leads the student to understand more fully the patterns and order evident in God’s creation.

Mathematical literacy is developed through a formative process of instruction, exploration and practice. Through these experiences students develop conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. Students are enabled to transfer and apply concepts, developing connections to everyday life through the lens of the Catholic faith. Students acquire the confidence to communicate mathematical reasoning and use real life problem solving strategies.


  • In accordance with the above philosophy, a mathematically proficient student will:
  • Demonstrate a strong foundation of number sense.
  • Recognize and make use of patterns and structures.
  • Use appropriate tools strategically and efficiently.
  • Communicate precisely using mathematical language.
  • Connect and apply the concepts and procedures of mathematics.
  • Demonstrate procedural fluency and precision.
  • Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
  • Analyze problems and persevere in solving them, utilizing appropriate strategies.
  • Construct viable arguments, critique reasoning and validate results.

CLICK HERE to view the 2018 Mathematics Curriculum overview of all standards and expectations by grade as developed by the Diocese of Spokane.