Mission Statement

All Saints School is an educational ministry that is dedicated to nurturing the whole child in their spiritual growth, academic excellence and moral development. We foster a Christ-centered way of life that educates our students to be faith-filled Catholics, life-long learners, and responsible community members who act as witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus.


All Saints Catholic School visibly manifests the commitment of the people of Our Lady of Fatima, Saint Peter and Saint Ann Parishes to provide a Catholic educational context for Christian formation of grade school aged children.

We Believe

  • The purpose of Catholic education is to hear the gospel message, to worship, to build and be a community of faith and to be of service to the Church and all humankind.
  • Every person is created in the image and likeness of God.
  • In the unique God-given gifts and inherent self-worth of each child.
  • In educating the whole child based on gospel values and Catholic faith tradition.
  • In educating for cultural and global awareness and in educating¬† the child to lead a life of justice.
  • Parents have the primary responsibility for the Christian faith formation of their children.
  • The Catholic School is a parish ministry and provides the fullest and best opportunity to assist parents with their Christian responsibility.
  • In maximizing the potential of each child spiritually, morally, academically, physically and socially.
  • In preparing our students for life as active and responsible members of family, church and society.
  • Our faith is a divine gift that is celebrated and nurtured by the message and person of Jesus Christ.

Student Learning Expectations

A faith-filled Catholic who:

  • Lives as Jesus did
  • Seeks a personal relationship with God
  • Serves others
  • Prays and worships in community
  • Articulates the Catholic faith

A life-long learner who:

  • Is a self directed and independent learner
  • Takes initiative to solve problems
  • Communicates effectively
  • Creates quality products
  • Demonstrates mastery of curriculum
  • Is able to use technology as a learning tool

A responsible community member who:

  • Respects self and others
  • Takes responsibility in words and actions
  • Is committed to justice