Our Reading Resource and Student Supports programs at each building provide additional support to those students who may have difficulty with specific academic or behavioral concepts.  By working with teachers and providing progress monitoring, our Reading Resource, student support teachers, and a dedicated group of volunteers are able to help students reach their grade level in reading, math, writing – and beyond!

Students at All Saints typically read at, or above, their grade level. As they progress into our middle building, their work becomes more accelerated. Therefore, being able to read beyond their grade level becomes essential to their ability to keep up with their peers. We also have a math interventionist who works closely with students who need extra support with fact fluency, conceptual development, or number sense. Along with academic support, we have a speech interventionist and counselor to provide additional assistance in respective areas. In fact, our counselor works closely with students who need extra support in behavior management, self-monitoring, social/emotional regulation, and building positive relationships.