It is our hope you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding our Reopening Plans. We will continue to keep you updated with further back to school information.


Is there an option for an online program for the entire school year?

Should your family not feel comfortable returning to in-person learning or have a medical reason that would inhibit your child from returning, All Saints can provide a limited program for your child until you feel it is safe for your child to return or until medical compromises allow your child to return. Children learn best when in the classroom and we are intent to make this happen for all of our students.  It is not feasible for a teacher to do both in-person learning and remote learning simultaneously.  To do so would translate to poor quality programs and most importantly poor mental and physical health to a teacher.  All Saints does not have the ability to fund designated teachers to commit to a full online program.  A limited program would include segments of recorded teacher instruction along with hard copy or electronic copies of curriculum assessments.  This arrangement would require extra support from parents to ensure learning standards are being met.


Will there be a tuition discount for continuous remote learning?

As said before, our plan is for our students to be back in the classroom. While we pledge to remotely deliver the high quality educational experience you expect from All Saints, we understand the COVID-19 reality presents financial challenges to many.  Using the Payment Protection Program (PPP) Loan, All Saints is pleased to be able to offer a temporary monthly 10% tuition discount while your child is learning remotely. Once your child has returned to in-person learning, your original monthly tuition agreement set for the 2020-2021 school year will resume. For example, if your monthly payment for tuition is $610.00, you will pay $549.00 per month while your child is learning remotely.


Will there be Extended Care?

As we reopen, we will provide our Extended Care program before and after school for K-2 grade students.  However, we realize some of our parents are essential workers, while other parents have no choice but to go back to in-person work at this time.  For those of you who have no other options for supervised childcare and your child (grades 3-8) would be at risk staying home alone, or otherwise considered vulnerable, we are able to provide extended care during school hours on a case by case basis. Space is limited.  Please contact Jolie Monasterio, Extended Care Director, for further information.

*For any student using our Extended Care program, they will need to provide their own pencil box with markers, scissors, pencils/pens, eraser and glue stick.   

** For any student using Extended Care during school hours, they will need to come with their own computer device and headphones.


How will All Saints accommodate remote learning students with IEPs, 504 plans, or Educational Plans?

Students with learning differences or learning disabilities will have the opportunity for extra support in building during designated hours or days.  Each child’s needs will be determined on a case by case basis. All Saints will continue to work along side the Spokane School District in order to ensure our students continue to receive any interventions that were provided by the district according to their IEP or 504 documents.  (i.e. speech, reading/writing, or math interventions).


What does “dramatically increased live instruction” mean for remote learners?

Students in grades 3 – 4, can expect approximately an hour of live whole group instruction to start the morning.  Following, time will be devoted to live teacher led breakout group sessions and a specialist class.  The day will end with a culminating hour of live whole group instruction.  Students in grades 5 – 8 will follow a traditional bell schedule (with shorter periods) with live instruction from the subject’s respective teacher.


Will remote learners be able to meet in small in-person groups with their teacher?

While we are not doing a hybrid model, teachers will be able to meet periodically with small pods of students.  This time would be devoted to assessment, social/emotional and academic support.


Given the decision to open with the phased-in approach with our youngest learners, why didn’t we choose to open with Pre-3 or use the middle building for a few grade levels?

The decision to reopen in-person has everything to do with the younger age of learners and nothing to do with facilities. Furthermore, the rationale is to start small with the hopes that we can have more flexibility as we progress; if we start too quickly with too many, the likelihood for us to backtrack is greater. The DOH did not support the diocese in adding 3rd grade, unless we had a ⅔ combo class.  If All Saints was located in a district where public schools are open, we would have support to add more grades at this time.


Is there a deadline to withdraw if our family wishes?

In an effort to be considerate to our budget and families on the waiting list, we ask that you notify the school office of withdrawal on or before Friday, August 21st.


What can we expect at our scheduled time for Family Orientation?

  • Sign ups will be done through Sycamore similar to parent teacher conferences.  Look for an email coming soon outlining how to select your time for each child.
  • Prior to Orientation week, we will provide you a custom video featuring safety protocols and learning platforms for remote learners.
  • Length of conference will be 20 minutes along with time in between to sanitize.
  • During the conference, time will be devoted to building relationships, sharing information, and answering questions to make sure everyone is ready for a successful start.
  • We ask for you to bring one adult per household and limit the number in your party if possible. 

Will teachers be expected to teach from their classroom or in a professional setting?

Yes, this will help students feel more engaged in the classroom setting.  Teachers will be able to better utilize technology, teaching materials, and classroom visual aids.  When students see their teachers in a professional environment, it encourages them to take their learning more professionally.


Will All Saints require remote learners to wear uniforms?  

Yes.  Whether we are in-person or remote, wearing uniforms is a sign of our unity and faith community. Being in uniform supports Christian values, prevents distractions from learning, and provides a mindset for “doing your job as student.”


Will regular and consistent attendance be expected and required for remote learners? Yes, the same as what would be expected for in-person learning.  


Will students have specialist classes during remote learning?

Yes, PE twice a week with Ms. Rasmussen with 15-20 minutes of live instruction, but students will be expected to participate in daily exercise and keep a log. Music Workshop once a week with Mr. Hatcher, Grades 3-8. Music Workshop will be 15-20 minutes of live video music games and music literacy.  There will be no homework, but attendance and participation is required.  Once back in-person, middle building students will be able to choose elective classes in addition to PE as we had originally planned for this year.   


Will students still have class retreats?

Faith and spirituality are important aspects to the educational experience of our students.  With that in mind, we will continue to have retreats for each grade throughout the year.  Our Campus Minister, Jolie Monasterio, will be organizing and facilitating these spiritual experiences beginning in October.  Given the limitations to our “in-person” gatherings, retreats for grades 3-8 will be in small groups for shorter periods of time, but conducted at least twice in the school year.


Will there be regular in-person Mass offerings for remote learners?  

We will work with our pastors, their schedules, and safety protocols to make the Holy Mass an in-person option for classes.  More to come.


Will the school supply list be different?

No. You may find the School Supply List under Sycamore or attached to this email.


Will you use a screening/attestation app?

In partnership with families, All Saints will be using an app called MyMedBot to screen students for COVID-19 symptoms. Reporters (parents and guardians) will download the app to their smartphones and receive an invitation from All Saints to join.  You will be asked to answer a series of screening questions about reportees (students) via the app. These are similar to the questions you answer when you enter a medical facility and take about one minute to complete. Your honest answers will help All Saints track the health of our community. Based on the reporters’ answers, the app will produce a recommendation to either come to school or stay home. When your student returns to in-person learning, you must complete the screening questions through MyMedBot before they can enter the building. All Saints faculty will also complete the screening questions before coming to school. A web-based version of the app will be available in the month of August. 


Do all students and staff have to wear a face covering?

Students in grades Kindergarten through 8 will be required to wear a cloth face covering or a clear face shield.  Face coverings can be removed for eating snacks, lunch, and going outside.  Cloth face coverings are preferred to face shields because they work more effectively to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.  Face shields do not offer the same protection as cloth masks and therefore the wearing of face shields may cause longer quarantine times in the event of an active case of COVID-19.  If used, face shields should extend below the chin, to the ears, and have no gap at the forehead.

According to state guidelines, cloth face coverings should not be worn by:

Children younger than age 2 years.

Those with a disability that prevents them from comfortably wearing or removing a face covering.

Those with certain respiratory conditions or trouble breathing.

Those who are deaf or hard of hearing and use facial and mouth movements as part of communication.

Those advised by a medical, legal, or behavioral health professional that wearing a face covering may pose a risk to that person. 

Students who fall into any of the above categories will be able to wear face shields.


Will teachers wear face coverings?

Yes. Teachers will wear cloth masks during the day.  For certain lessons a teacher may temporarily switch to a face shield if the lesson requires students to see the teacher’s face.


Do students have to wear face coverings at recess?

No, but students will stay in cohorts with social distancing to avoid cross contamination.


Will students be allowed face covering breaks?

Yes, outdoors during recess or PE, as well as when eating with social distancing and proper ventilation.


Will preschool students have to wear face coverings?

No. Preschool teachers are required to wear face coverings, but preschool students will not be required to wear them.


Should face coverings match the school uniform?

Students may wear whatever face covering is most comfortable for them.  They should plan on having 2-3 to keep on hand.  All face coverings should be school appropriate in terms of images/patterns.  Having your children practice now in accordance with the state mandate is a good idea.  If a child or family refuses to wear a face covering, we have the right to deny entrance.


Will my child be disciplined for not wearing his/her face covering correctly or cooperatively?

Teachers and administrators will compassionately encourage the child to wear the face covering properly and help them understand the importance of cooperating with safety requirements.


What will happen if a child shows symptoms of COVID-19 at school?

If a student develops signs of COVID-19 while at school, he or she will be separated from others and the family will be called immediately.  The student will wear a cloth face covering or mask if tolerated and will be supervised at a distance of six feet until they can leave.  After they leave, the sick room will be cleaned and disinfected.


If someone at school tests positive for COVID-19, will the whole school have to close down?

Not necessarily.  The school will be instructed by the health district regarding how to best respond, and there are many variables that will affect their recommendations.  By keeping students in cohorts and by wearing face coverings, it is more likely that only a few students may need to quarantine, rather than the entire school.  One thing is certain: the more the students wear cloth face masks rather than face shields, the less likely it is that they will have to quarantine, even if someone at school tests positive for COVID-19.


What about Diocesan sports?

Diocesan Athletic Directors are still determining plans.  We will certainly keep you updated when we know more.