The Scrip program turns everyday shopping into cash for our school! Earn money for All Saints using gift cards for everything you buy – groceries, gas, you name it! We would like to encourage every family at All Saints to try the SCRIP program this fall. Even more so, we would like everyone to continue using SCRIP throughout the year!

What is SCRIP:

  • SCRIP is a program in which All Saints purchases gift cards at a discount and sells them to parents/grandparents/parish members at face value: Grocery stores, Amazon, Dennis Uniforms.
  • There are over 400 national retail stores that you can shop, and the school receives anywhere from 2-16% of whatever you spend.
  • Everyone has to go grocery shopping. This way, the school is able to raise funds when you shop with Scrip gift cards.

Why use SCRIP:

  • Here’s an example: Mrs. Smith is in charge of the grocery shopping for her family. Each week she spends over $100 at Safeway in groceries. Instead of paying with her debit/credit card, she buys a $100 gift card through her son’s school scrip program. Cha-ching! She just earned $4 for the school and it didn’t cost her a penny!
  • If every All Saints family bought $100 to Safeway a month for a full year, All Saints would raise over $14,000 – without our families spending any additional money!!
  • The more participation we get from our families, the more money our school receives, and the less we have to raise during other fundraising events!

How to participate in SCRIP:

  • You can walk in the Primary office with a check and pick up a gift card for the following grocery stores at any time: Albertsons, Safeway, Rosauers, Fred Meyer and Walmart. Available in $100 denominations.
  • A Standing Order is when you sign up to receive SCRIP once or twice a month. The school automatically deducts the amount from your checking account, and you can either pick up the gift cards in the office or have them sent home with your child.
  • You can fill in a new SCRIP form and deliver it to the office along with a check before the listed order dates and receive your cards when they arrive.
  • You can go straight to the Scrip Center and order your cards on-line. There are even options to reload most of the cards instead of having to get new cards. 

When to participate in SCRIP: The Time is NOW!

  • We are encouraging all of our All Saints families to give the SCRIP program a chance.  Scrip cards are the perfect way to spend this holiday gift giving season!

For more details about the Scrip program or to order online, visit the Scrip website at

Questions?  Contact Heather Hughes: