In the third grade, students prepare to take on leadership roles during Mass – a role we hope they will continue to take throughout their lives.  When their turn comes to lead Mass, they write prayers of the faithful, do the gospel readings and bring up the gifts.  They learn the parts of the Mass and begin to find verses in the Bible as part of their religious studies.

  • Sound, chemical testing, geology and plants.
  • Understanding and memorizing the multiplication and division facts.
  • Reading ability accelerates and students begin to summarize what they have read.
  • Recognize commonly used fractions.
  • Participate independently and as a group member.
  • Practice cursive penmanship through daily writing activities.
  • Learning Native American cultures.
  • Keyboarding skills.

Classroom Community Service Projects

  • Sending cards and letters to shut-ins.
  • Seniors luncheons at St. Peter Parish.

Signature Events

  • Native American
  • Spokane City Tour.

Third Grade Teachers