At All Saints School, we are committed to having a dress code that is consistent, measurable and therefore enforceable at all grade levels. The regulation is designed to be affordable and non-materialistic.

Our rationale for a dress code includes the following points:

  • To keep with Catholic schools heritage and identity
  • To teach responsibility and discipline to the students
  • To be representatives to the community
  • To instill a sense of pride
  • To learn that dressing appropriately is a life skill

All wearing apparel must be of comparable color, fabric and style to those that can be purchased at the Uniform House – Dennis Uniform.

To visit the All Saints Catholic School Uniform Shopping Page within Dennis Uniforms – CLICK HERE

Clothing must be in good repair at all times (no holes, tears or frayed edges).


Pants need to be plain black, cotton, twill or cords, straight legs, appropriate length, and appropriately sized. Elastic or non-elastic waists are both appropriate. Pants need to be replaced when they have faded and lost their uniform color.

Pants that are Not uniform

No baggy/saggy pants or underwear viable at any time. pants that have rivets, additional or horizontal seams (yoke) on the back, decals or designs, contrast colored stitching, flared or boot legs, sit on the hips, slits in the bottom hem, hems that drag on the floor, are higher than the ankle, are cargo or carpenter pants, are knit or stretch pants, are jeans or jean material.
SHORTS: Shorts are to be black walking shorts comparable to those at the Uniform House. The length needs to be no longer than the back knee crease and no shorter than three inches above the knee. No cargo or carpenter shorts. Shorts worn on free dress days need to follow the same length standards.


If belts are worn, they need to be simple, plain, solid leather or cloth belts in black or brown. They are to be sized appropriately and not a point of distraction.

Skirts / Jumpers / Skorts

Columbia plaid uniform skirts may be worn at the Middle Building and in the third and fourth grade. Jumpers are worn at the Primary Building only. Jumper, skirt and skort length needs to be no shorter than three inches above knee. Any shorts worn under the skirt must be hidden. Jumpers, skirts and skorts may only be purchased from the Spokane Uniform House.


Solid white turtleneck, knit polo shirt, collared shirt or blouse with Peter Pan collar. No crew necks or pockets. Shirts are to be sized appropriately and not layered. Shirts are to be tucked in. No decals, logos, pictures or emblems. Uniform shirts must be worn under the sweater and/or sweatshirt. Any T-shirts with logos worn under the uniform shirt should not be visible.

Sweaters / Sweatshirts / Vests

Black cardigan uniform sweater or black school sweatshirt. Only uniform shirts are to be worn under sweatshirts. Sweaters and sweatshirts must be purchased from the Spokane Uniform House. These items are to be worn as a shirt and not as an accessory (i.e. around the waist etc.). Coats, non-uniform sweatshirts, sweaters or vests are not to be worn in class.


Hats are not to be worn inside any school/parish building.


Only white or black crew or knee socks. Black or white footed tights may be worn. Leggings must be full length, ending at the ankle. Nylons may be worn. Socks must be clearly visible above the shoe.


Appropriate school shoes should be worn for school. Shoes are to be closed heel and toe for safety. “Toe separation” foot wear is not appropriate for school. Socks must be worn with shoes. Lace shoes must be tied. Cleats are not allowed. No boots of any kind are part of the school uniform. Snow boots may be worn but students must change into regular shoes after arriving at school.

Facial Makeup

It is not encouraged, but if worn it must be lightly and tastefully applied. This choice is reserved for the 7th and 8th grade girls only. Body, face, and hair glitter is not to be worn. Visible body tattoos (stick-on, etc.) are not to be worn.


Jewelry should be worn in good taste and should not be distracting, excessive, inconsistent with our Christian values or inappropriate for school. Post earrings and small earrings are acceptable and are to be worn in the lobes of the ears only. Large heavy jewelry or numerous accessories are not appropriate for school. Jewelry must be removed during Physical Education class


Hair must be clean and out of student’s eyes. Dying of hair is not encouraged. If hair is dyed it must be a natural hair color. Hairstyle should be in good taste, appropriate for school, and not a point of distraction. Emblems, logos, or symbols shaved into the hair are not allowed.

Non-Uniform Days

Students may wear clothes that fit the theme. These days are not free dress days, and, if students choose not to participate, they must wear their uniform.

Scouts / Campfire

When students have their “Scout/Campfire” days, they may wear their shirts with uniform pants.
Game Days: Students who are playing on a school team may check with the administration to wear their game jerseys with their uniform pants on a game day or the Friday before a weekend game.


If students are not in uniform or wearing their uniform incorrectly there will be consequences including loss of non-uniform dress days, the borrowing of a uniform from the uniform exchange and notifying parents.

Uniform Exchange

Used uniforms may be brought to the uniform exchange for other students’ use.