Welcome Parents to the All Saints Volunteer Program!

Volunteering is a long-standing tradition at All Saints.  Our volunteers support our community and are daily reminders of our call to help one another.  Our students have many opportunities to see our amazing parents, grandparents, and community active in their education.  Thank you!

The gift of volunteering helps offset the costs of things that would otherwise come out of our school budget.  Thousands of dollars are saved every year by the thousands of hours our volunteers donate to All Saints.

All families are asked and expected to complete 20 volunteer hours every year – regardless of your tuition commitment. You will receive email blast requests throughout the year, but we also have listed below all of the volunteer opportunities (that we currently know of) that are available during the school year.  This is to help you plan your volunteering.

Volunteers are required to log all volunteer hours in Sycamore.  Uncompleted or unlogged hours will be billed at the beginning of June at $10/hour.

To log your volunteer hours online, 

  • Log-in to your Sycamore Account (CLICK HERE)
  • Click on My School on the left side of the page
  • Click on Service Logs under My School
  • Click on the New Log button in the upper right corner of the page
  • A Service Log box will appear where you can log the date, time and hours spent volunteering, then select the volunteer opportunity from the drop-down menu.

You can also log your volunteer hours from your phone via the Sycamore App: 

  • Download the Sycamore App
  • School ID: 1541


Volunteer Opportunities for the 2019-2020 School Year (listed alphabetically):

  • Annual Auction (April)
  • Back to School Picnic (September)
  • Buddy Family Program (Summer)
  • Classroom Helper
  • Fun Run (September)
  • Grandparents Day / Marian Mass (May)
  • Hot Lunch
  • Kids Care Retreats (Sept/Oct)
  • Library
  • Mailings
  • Maintenance of Buildings / Grounds
  • Math is Cool
  • Office Aide
  • Read-A-Thon (February)
  • Read Across America (February)
  • Reading Resource
  • Room Parent
  • Spring Carnival (May)
  • Uniform Exchange
  • Valentine’s Dance (February)
  • Veteran’s Day Assembly (November)

Examples of how to log common volunteer hours:

  • Classroom Volunteering: Log daily as completed
    • Making copies, reading, library, field trips, lunch duty, etc.
  • Committee Chairs, Members & Event Volunteers
    • Committee Meetings: log time spent per meeting (multiple entries)
    • Time spent preparing at home or school for event: weekly (one entry per week)
    • Time spent setting up, during and cleaning up event (one entry)
  • Coaches: hours can be input as a batch for the entire season
    • Calculate your total time for scheduled practices and games and input one entry for each season. You do not need to log every practice and game separately.
    • If coaching multiple sports in one year, log each sport separately.
  • Food Donations: food donated for events such as the Veteran’s Day Mass and Grandparents/Special Person Mass
    • Store bought = 1 hour for every $10 spent
    • Homemade baked goods = 1 hour for every 2 dozen
  • Mailings: log time spent folding, stuffing, sealing and stamping
    • One entry per mailing completed

If you have questions regarding how to log volunteer hours or need information on volunteer opportunities, please contact Carolynn McNaughton at (509) 534-1098 or cmcnaughton@allsaintsspokane.net.